More Problems

Some people, when confronted with a problem, think,

"I know, I’ll use Regular Expressions." Now they have two problems.
"I know, I’ll use Java." Now they have a ProblemFactory.
Now they have "I know, I’ll use Threads." interleaved problems.
"I know, I’ll use LISP." Now their problem is recursive.
"I know, I’ll write my own LISP." Now they are Paul Graham.
"I know, I’ll use Haskell." Now their problem is entirely academic.
"I know, I’ll use Erlang." Now their problems are distributed.
"I know, I’ll use Scala." Now they have problem traits.
"I know, I’ll use Python." Now they import solution and have a beer.
"I know, I’ll use MySQL." Now their problem is a single point of failure.
"I know, I’ll use MongoDB." Now their problems are Web Scale.
"I know, I’ll use Crowdsourcing." Now it’s your problem.

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    “I know, I’ll stop writing software.” Now they don’t have problems.
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